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The lightweight and highly portable SOLEPAD SOLO is our stand-alone foot measuring gauge for all retailers.  


It provides a modern and engaging customer experience that sets you apart from your competitors!

One station for all: men, women, boys, girls, supporting different scales: UK, Euro, US, mm

This is our recommended solution for the all retailers that require a fast foot measuring solution and have little interest in the business analytics functions. As your business grows, you can migrate to our more advanced SOLEPAD Retail Technology options!


Measure foot length and width in seconds.

Recommends best shoe size!


This option includes a SOLEPAD Datalogger that captures foot length and width, gender, date/time and the recommended  shoe size. The data is stored in the station's internal memory and can be accessed for analysis through the Station's USB connection using the SOLEPAD Datalogger software, which is included. In addition, it supports a user friendly Android App that interacts with the station wirelessly. The App is used to control the station, receive foot measurements and capture invaluable business analytics information, such as the customer's contact info, gender, date and time of previous visits, service time, reason for no sale, the salesperson that served the customer and more. This data is saved locally to the smartphone from where it can be uploaded to a computer for later analysis.

This is the ideal solution for growing retailers with 3 or more stores that require a fast foot measuring solution with growing interest of the business analytics functions and still offering the best customer experience. The business analytics data can be viewed  and analyzed to help you reduce your operating costs, increase your sales and optimize the overall efficiency of your front-end sales function. As your business grows, you can upgrade to the more advanced SOLEPAD ENTERPRISE option.

The smartphone App offers a modern and interactive customer experience, while at the same time it captures vital business analytics information 



Log captured data for later upload to a PC or transfer immediately to a smart device and the CLOUD for real-time business analytics information.

Like the SOLEPAD PRO but with the addition of the CLOUD Business Analytics Application. The data captured by all SOLEPAD Stations, in all stores, is transferred to the cloud, in real-time, for a powerful and automated analysis of your business' performance. The dashboard provides an executive summary with graphs capturing the stores traffic, conversion rates, service times, foot size distributions, genders, peak times, reasons for no sale, etc.

This is the ideal solution for large retailers with multiple stores that require an automated and real-time analysis of their company's front-end sales performance and deliver a memorable customer experience. 


Use your PC or log in the CLOUD with any smart device to analyse your business performance, in real-time, across the world, 24/7.




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