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“The human foot is

a masterpiece of 

engineering and

a work of art”


Leonardo Da Vinci


Multiple studies have confirmed that more than 80% of the population wears the wrong size shoes. This can lead to foot deformities such as the development of hallux valgus disorders, the commonly known bunions. Based on another study, the shorter the shoe is, the higher the value of the hallux angle becomes. Squeezing our feet into the wrong sized shoes could be condemning us to a lifetime of problems. From blisters, pressure sores and ingrowing toe nails in the short-term, to feet deformities like hammer toe and knee and posture problems in the long-term. In addition, wearing inappropriate shoes can cause biomechanical imbalance, foot and back pain, ankle pain, altered gait and degrade sports performance. There is a real need to have our feet measured regularly. 


In a world of high-technology, it is surprising to see that not much has changed over the last 100 years in the footwear retail business. Measuring the customer's foot size is not a standard process and when they are measured the experience is rather old-fashioned, slow, inaccurate and intrusive. Many retailers will use a mechanical gauge, which looks old and cheap, the measurements can be subjective, the salesperson has to violate the customer's personal space by touching the person's feet and the overall experience is very unimpressive. 

Today's tech-savvy shoppers are taking charge of their own shopping experience and are looking for exciting, interactive ways to shop. 


Offering a modern shopping experience delights your customers and shows them you care to offer them the best service. Word of mouth reputation will grow over time, which results in a growing business! 


In addition, measuring your customers' feet gives you the opportunity to capture the exact footfall and collect invaluable business analytics information such as: customer's contact info, traffic over time, breakdown of women, men, girls, boys, conversion rates, reasons for no sale, salespeople performance, service time, distribution of foot sizes, etc. You can understand what is happening throughout the complete sales cycle allowing you to identify areas for improvement, cut operating costs and increase your sales. 

The SOLEPAD station is a high tech, smart, highly portable, foot measuring device that can measure the length and width of each foot within one second with an accuracy of 1mm. No training is needed as the device is extremely user friendly and operator independent; the measurement process is fully automated; you just have to step on the sensing area.

The system utilizes R&D CORE's revolutionary DRAS tactile sensor technology to measure the foot length and width in a split second. Thanks to the sensor's extreme accuracy, thinness, flexibility and low power requirements, the SOLEPAD Station became a reality. 

Coupled with the SOLEPAD App and the SOLEPAD Cloud service, you delight your customer while at the same time you capture vital business analytics information 24/7!


The SOLEPAD System is a division of R&D CORE Limited, a leading technology organization specializing in the research, development and commercialization of innovative technologies that enhance human life. 

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